Dan Summers, TopMark Funding

"Dan Summers, TopMark Funding."

For the past 6 years, Infinity Bank customers Dan Summers and Evan Lang have put their strengths into action!
The two founded TopMark Funding in 2015 with a focus on a specific sector of the equipment finance industry: transportation. Becoming experts in trucking allowed TopMark to build a strong brand recognized and trusted by both the customers and dealerships they serve.
“Our sales team understands our customer’s business needs, specific equipment, and how to structure their financing for long-term growth," Dan Summers, Co-Founder of TopMark Funding says. “This approach allows TopMark to provide superior solutions and higher-quality service. We strive to be a valuable partner to our customers.”
Like TopMark, Infinity Bank is working to provide real value to its customers!
“Alyssa Zimmerman, TopMark’s relationship manager, quickly distinguished herself as a high caliber individual who genuinely cared about our business," Dan says.
"Alyssa’s expertise and approach meant I could count on her and Infinity Bank to deliver what we needed in a banking partner. Often when speaking with other banks you are told by a representative that the situation 'isn't in their hands' and that there is 'nothing that can be done on their end.' I would never hear that from Infinity. They go above and beyond what’s expected. I have called Alyssa on a weekend and she handled it, right then, on her day off, outside of banking hours. This kind of client service is outstanding and resonates with us. The access the team has to decision-makers and the speed at which the bank can respond is a value-add that you rarely get from other banks.”
Infinity is excited to be working with TopMark, as they are a company whose ambitions and approach to business mirror our own. We are proud to support and spotlight a business that is constantly breaking new ground in their industry.

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