Savings Calculator

Infinity Bank offers a variety of savings solutions to help you handle anything life may throw at you. We offer money markets, savings accounts, and time certificate of deposit accounts with competitive rates for both short-term liquidity or long-term yield. Let our experienced Bankers show you our products, current rates, yields, terms, and help you invest your money safely.


Money Market

Our Money Market account is the top choice for cost conscious individuals. Our account offers competitive tiered money market rates.  As your balances grow, so can your interest rate, plus you get the convenient liquidity of a checking account, subject to certain limitations.

Personal Savings

Our Personal Savings account allows you to earn interest on your excess funds, while retaining quick and easy access.  Whether saving for college, a new car, or just a rainy day, the Personal Savings account might be the perfect choice for you.

Time Certificates of Deposit

Our Time Certificate of Deposit accounts are convenient and secure, allowing you to lock in a competitive interest rate and make a longer-term investment in your future.